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May Day sunflowers

Tuesday, 1st May 2007. Filed in Guerrilla gardening3 Comments »

A guerrilla gardener in Brussels called Girasol has declared 1st May to be “JournĂ©e internationale de la guĂ©rilla tournesol”. To celebrate May Day, stealthy guerrilla gardeners around the planet will be sowing sunflower seeds to brighten up the neglected public spaces around them. We’ve got our seeds ready. Cross your fingers that the cheeky birds don’t follow us out. They’ve already picked through the “Ruby Red” pots we did over the weekend…

No so guerrilla gardening

Wednesday, 31st January 2007. Filed in Guerrilla gardening2 Comments »

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We’ve fallen behind on our gardening? What makes you say that?

Okay, I didn’t run today. But, I thought you’d like to know how productive I was at ripping stuff out of the ground. And getting muddy. The sad part is, you can’t really see a difference. But, it’s a start.

Lately, Crunchy husband and I have been listing local places that could use a little guerrilla gardening action. This morning, I looked out the window and realized we’d better start closer to home!