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Show me how to do it, teach me how to dance

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My gym stole my iPod. And I’m not sad.

I’ll spare you the skimpy details, but I was in the locker room, sitting on the bench, drying my feet and noticed the music was pretty chill, Finley Quaye’s “Even After All”. Not one I usually hear anywhere but my iPod, thanks to the Thicker Than Water soundtrack. I thought hey, that’s cool. It makes a nice change from the Rockwell “Somebody’s Watching Me” I used to get at the other gym. (Kind of funky in the locker room when it’s playing while you ARE in the shower.) Then I heard it. Comb stroke, part to shoulder. Hesitate. I wasn’t sure it could be possible, they keep the level pretty soft in the changing room, but yes indeed-y. The Thievery Corporation remix of Sarah McLachlan’s “Dirty Little Secret”. Yeah baby! It’s cool, seductive and lounge-y. I love it. Maybe somebody IS watching me and knows just what I want to hear. I combed and re-combed my hair, just so I could hear the drum beat drop toward the end. I’m fairly sure I was swaying, but no one was looking at me funny, so I must have contained myself pretty well. All right, I don’t have much shame, but I don’t tend to bust a move in the locker room. Usually.

It was like the time I popped into Somerfield and as soon as I stepped through the double doors “Solsbury Hill” started up. It was as if they saw me coming. Or, iris recognition lasers triggered the music. Hey, now there’s a thought. Big brother me any time if it means no more James Blunt. (Okay, Christa, I just threw that in there to rile you up so you’ll slam me some more country music dedications on Facebook. Yee-haw!*) I grabbed my milk, bounced a little in line (subtly restraining myself from initiating a dance party), and handed over my fiver. As I held myself back from saying as enthusiastically Californian as possible “I luuuuuuhhhhve this song”, Talking Heads “Once in a Lifetime” kicked in to the Hill’s fade, and the lady shouted over her shoulder “Could you turn the music down, puh-lease?”. I checked my shimmy, picked my chin off the floor, and slunk out of the store. Don’t let the iPod hit you on the way out, ya know?

While we’re on the subject of music (yeah, yeah I swam and yoga-ed today, check the log if you’re really that interested), who’s excited? Who is EXCITED? U2-3D! I can’t hear you. Yeah okay, not quite as excited as if the boys were to play in my living room. Or, even Wembley Stadium for that matter. But, I’m pretty excited. (And not even too bitter that it’s already out in California.) I can’t wait to see my man up close and personal. Funk it up, dawg!

*For those who don’t know me, not a big fan of the country…

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I love yoga relaxation time

Wednesday, 12th September 2007. Filed in In my head, I'm an awesome dancer3 Comments »

As I lay on the mat, snuggling into the warmth of my sweatshirt and my cozy polar fleece socks, I close my eyes and begin to lose the room around me. I stretch my spine long, roll my shoulders down and feel the core of my body begin to sink into the floor. Soon it is just me and my breath, constructing an image of a favorite place, piece by piece, pixel by pixel, until I can see where I want to be.

The space in my head feels wide, the vast expanse of ocean all around me. There is no breeze, but the air is fresh and nourishing. It continues to flow deeply through my lungs and into my calves, my toes, my wrists, my hair, my heart. With each exhalation, comes release. My body sinks further into the safety of peaceful surrender.

I step inside. I begin to dance over the gentle waves. Slow, graceful leaps, brushes suspended in air. My arms wrap around my body and then slowly unfurl, extending over my head, stretching wide. The sunlight is warm and welcoming. Golden threads glimmer around my fluid body as I slowly lift my chin to the sky.

I feel free.

Monday Mixtape- Oh, I’m a terrible dancer!

Sunday, 19th August 2007. Filed in In my head, I'm an awesome dancer, Monday mixtape3 Comments »

“So am I. But, I can do the merengue.”

“They’re not playing the merengue.”

“They will.”

I wasn’t allowed to watch “Dirty Dancing” when it was first released. And when I finally remembered to watch it when I was an adult, I was kind of like, um yeah, okay whatever. I haven’t seen it since. However, I’ve probably seen “My Blue Heaven” 1,564 times. Just a guess. It was on the other night, and I am proud to say I’ve still got it. All the lines. Memorized. Right here. I can’t remember my age half the time. But, yes. I’ve still got “I don’t know, the pressure of Halloween. You never know what to go as!” all right here. Hot!

Tonight was taco salad night. We love taco salad night. And burrito night. We have a lot of those too. We buy Corona that was brewed in Belgium, probably (better than food miles from Mexico, right?) and avocados. I love avocados. And then we turn up the music really loud. Probably none of which is technically merengue, but well, we do it anyway. (And truth be told, what we do is not strictly merengue, but a mish-mash of latin freestyling with some shimmies, kicks, and a few strums on the air guitar thrown in because they’re fun. We feel it works. But, we don’t do it in public either. And when I say we, I actually think it’s just me.)

And then I yell at Crunchy husband for the thousandth time, “Ozomatli might very well shop at Safeway, but that’s NOT WHAT THEY’RE SAYING!!”

1. Chango- Ozomatli
2. La Sonidera- Los de Abajo
3. Lola, Lola- Ricky Martin (oh come on, when you’re getting down in the kitchen, everyone loves Ricky)
4. Tímido- Ozomatli
5. Oye Mamacita- Los Lonely Boys
6. Mi Candela- Los de Abajo
7. Miss America- David Byrne
8. 3 Cool Cats- Ry Cooder
9. I Will Be Free- Nil Lara
10. I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For- Coco Freeman featuring U2

Yeah, I know it’s not Monday here yet. But it’s Monday in Australia. So that’s my story.

And I promise the next post I submit will not start with a quote. Or a series of quotes.

Spicy training

Monday, 29th January 2007. Filed in Cross-training, In my head, I'm an awesome dancerNo Comments »

One of my current goals in life is to take my cross training to a new level. This weekend’s activities ticked several boxes under this goal including wear Italian shoes that rarely touch the ground but get mighty muddy, dance like a crazy woman, and masticate until I’ve got jaw muscles as big as He-man’s biceps. (I wouldn’t want any of my muscles feeling left out.) It was a productive weekend, toward this goal anyway. The hours I stretched out on the floor of Boogie friend’s house watching Dancing on Ice, Waking the Dead, Robin Hood, and dare I admit, EastEnders, may require a higher level of creative thinking to justly be called ‘productive’.

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingSaturday morning we went out for a quick ride over to West Cliff to enjoy the sun and sea. It was refreshing after last week’s cold, icy weather. It was pretty non-eventful. So non-eventful that there’s really not anything else that can be said about it. Except it was fun and there were lots of cauliflower plants. And some cute dogs. And that’s where the Italian shoes came in.

After showering away the bits of mud from the ride, we headed to London to meet up with Boogie friend and Boogie friend’s husband for dinner and…a boogie. We were winners, and had dinner in Pinner. Mastication—check! Let’s just say, we like curry. We like it so much we ordered six different main dishes, as well as vegetable side dishes, rice and raitha. And we ate it all, thank you very much! We needed our strength for the dance floor. (Question: if I eat sag paneer every day, will I develop Popeye, the sailor man muscles?)

The pub with the dance floor appears to have a regular dancer, according to Boogie friend. He has been dubbed Bryan Ferry. He’s got the hair flicking down. He knows how to take his place on the floor. This guy’s certainly not afraid to be himself. Crunchy husband claims he’s a Northerner, evidenced by his chattiness and good-natured friendliness at the bar. (I tried to explain to Crunchy husband that Mr. Ferry may have been picking up on him, as he was wearing my Gap sweater tied around his shoulders.) I applaud you, Mr. New Romantic. You are a breath of fresh air in a dim, smoky pub filled with women who look down their noses at the few happy dancers who don’t really care if what they are doing with their legs, arms and hips is ‘cool’. It’s fun! Who cares!

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We didn’t have dessert on Saturday night, so Boogie friend and I saw fit to indulge in chocolate fountain action on Sunday evening. Another tick for the jaw muscle workout. Oh I am so good! This fit nicely into my training plan as we dipped bananas, strawberries, oranges and pineapples in the fountain, with only the occasional pancake or marshmallow! So really, it was healthy. And it made us smile, working those zygomatic muscles.

Three cheers for the chocolate fountain! Hip, hip, hooray!

Falling peace

Friday, 26th January 2007. Filed in In my head, I'm an awesome dancer, Random foliage1 Comment »

There is an uplifting silence that falls with snow, a surprising peace. This morning I awoke with bleary eyes to gray skies. I looked out the window expecting it to be dull, dreary, dismal. It’s winter and I live in England, after all. Instead I was greeted by flurries drifting lightly from the heavens. Soft white flakes floating nearly weightlessly toward the earth. It is amazing how this makes you feel as if you should be able to jump up and float as well. To dance and turn slow, graceful pirouettes on air before melting softly into the green grass.

And then I heard the sea gulls squawk. I’m not sure that I have ever been anywhere that snowflakes and sea gulls have co-existed, even for a brief moment. It was an unusual juxtaposition. It sent the whole ballerina reverie spilling flat on its face. Now, the dancer has picked herself up and is running hurriedly away from very persistent dive bombing sea gulls. Apparently, they want to steal her peanut butter and jelly sandwich!

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‘She wanna dance ’cause she likes to groove’

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I married a man unfamiliar with Digital Underground’s ‘Humpty Dance’. After writing of dance moves you won’t see me attempt out on the open trail, my husband confessed he didn’t know the song that might stir one to breakdance. As far as he knew, it didn’t really cross ‘the pond’. And, of course, being of slightly different ages, he was too mature, too cool even, to have taken any notice anyway. (As opposed to she who enjoys doing ‘Funky Cold Medina’ at karoake night. Trust me, it’s better than hearing me try to actually sing!)

But my husband is lucky to have me. This cultural deficiency has been rectified. Thanks to YouTube, I was able to blast my adolescent middle school past straight into our living room. It’s not PC. It’s a little bit rude n’ crude, as these things go. But, if you don’t take it seriously, it cracks you up. The glasses! The nose! I don’t understand!

After a brief lesson, he’s now hip with the kids. (Or, at least the kids of 1989. You know, the ones who thought Hammer pants were cool.) Tonight, I plan to teach him everything he needs to know about cutting a mean running man and roger rabbit . Then he’ll really be ready to tear up the floor this weekend. Look out Pinner, here we come!

Today’s run

Distance: 4.0 miles

Time: 39:55

Pace: 9:58 min/mile

Breakdancing butterflies

Saturday, 20th January 2007. Filed in Crunchy grooves, In my head, I'm an awesome dancer2 Comments »

My husband was quite chipper, trying to compose a Crunchy ‘Nanas theme song. He tried Crunchy ‘Nanas in pajamas are coming down the stairs. I shook my head and reminded him that wasn’t very original. His next try was a chorus of Smelly ‘nanas, smelly ‘nanas—please stop me if you’ve heard this one before.

Me, I can’t get old school Digital Underground out of my head. My name is Crunchy…I like my oatmeal lumpy. Which is an important reason why the ipod comes with me on my runs. (Safely, of course. Only one ear phone in so I can listen to my surroundings with the other ear.) I can’t have this one line looping itself incessantly in my mind while I beat down the trail! It would drive me nuts. Or worse, it could stir me to breakdance. Which, in itself, wouldn’t be a problem. If I could breakdance. But, I can’t. Which is really a shame. The only caterpillars on the path will be those that turn into butterflies and moths.

[Note: After reviewing my 1980s dance moves, I’ve learned that what I always think of as the Caterpillar is properly known as the Centipede. But, centipedes don’t turn into butterflies. I am a biologist. I know these things. And I like the image and alliteration of breakdancing butterflies. So, I am exercising my creative license and leaving it as is!]