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Where, oh where, can I get a press pass for this?

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I took a moment this morning to glance through the +1,000 new posts in the music folder on my Google Reader (I’ve been busy lately), and I stumbled upon this: Peter Gabriel to Receive Ambassador of Conscience Award.

Crunchy husband and I like to joke about Crunchy ‘Nanas press passes whenever we are anywhere watching cool people do cool things from afar. (You can kind of see Paula Radcliffe in the pictures I took the other night. If you know it’s her, of course. Kind of.)

On September 10th, Peter Gabriel is receiving this honor from Amnesty International at the Hard Rock Cafe in London. The award is to be presented by the Edge. Peter Gabriel and the Edge. In the same room. Now, I know they are not likely to break out into a jam, but still cool people, cool thing – where can I get the press pass, please?

I mean, I am, after all, a member of the team that received the Kent Village of the Year 2008 Communications Section Award (Minster Matters won! Yay! Go team!), where I diligently record the audio file for our CD and podcast editions of the village newsletter, type copy, and surreptitiously correct the inappropriate use of apostrophes on the blog whenever possible. That should count for something, right?

Show me how to do it, teach me how to dance

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My gym stole my iPod. And I’m not sad.

I’ll spare you the skimpy details, but I was in the locker room, sitting on the bench, drying my feet and noticed the music was pretty chill, Finley Quaye’s “Even After All”. Not one I usually hear anywhere but my iPod, thanks to the Thicker Than Water soundtrack. I thought hey, that’s cool. It makes a nice change from the Rockwell “Somebody’s Watching Me” I used to get at the other gym. (Kind of funky in the locker room when it’s playing while you ARE in the shower.) Then I heard it. Comb stroke, part to shoulder. Hesitate. I wasn’t sure it could be possible, they keep the level pretty soft in the changing room, but yes indeed-y. The Thievery Corporation remix of Sarah McLachlan’s “Dirty Little Secret”. Yeah baby! It’s cool, seductive and lounge-y. I love it. Maybe somebody IS watching me and knows just what I want to hear. I combed and re-combed my hair, just so I could hear the drum beat drop toward the end. I’m fairly sure I was swaying, but no one was looking at me funny, so I must have contained myself pretty well. All right, I don’t have much shame, but I don’t tend to bust a move in the locker room. Usually.

It was like the time I popped into Somerfield and as soon as I stepped through the double doors “Solsbury Hill” started up. It was as if they saw me coming. Or, iris recognition lasers triggered the music. Hey, now there’s a thought. Big brother me any time if it means no more James Blunt. (Okay, Christa, I just threw that in there to rile you up so you’ll slam me some more country music dedications on Facebook. Yee-haw!*) I grabbed my milk, bounced a little in line (subtly restraining myself from initiating a dance party), and handed over my fiver. As I held myself back from saying as enthusiastically Californian as possible “I luuuuuuhhhhve this song”, Talking Heads “Once in a Lifetime” kicked in to the Hill’s fade, and the lady shouted over her shoulder “Could you turn the music down, puh-lease?”. I checked my shimmy, picked my chin off the floor, and slunk out of the store. Don’t let the iPod hit you on the way out, ya know?

While we’re on the subject of music (yeah, yeah I swam and yoga-ed today, check the log if you’re really that interested), who’s excited? Who is EXCITED? U2-3D! I can’t hear you. Yeah okay, not quite as excited as if the boys were to play in my living room. Or, even Wembley Stadium for that matter. But, I’m pretty excited. (And not even too bitter that it’s already out in California.) I can’t wait to see my man up close and personal. Funk it up, dawg!

*For those who don’t know me, not a big fan of the country…

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Paris-Versailles warm up

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I take race day WAY too seriously

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Way too seriously!

Today, Crunchy husband and I hauled it to the Bedgebury Pinetum for the Great Forest 10k run. It was a great run in a great forest (we like Bedgebury and Go APE!). Hilly, but fun. (Now, why I didn’t really consider the whole course would be hills, I don’t know. We’ve hiked and mountain biked around the pinetum, so that was just me not thinking.) The hills were good though, I think they will help us in our Paris race at the end of the month and they rolled really nicely, actually.

At the start blast, Crunchy husband shot off like a rocket. I was going to yell coach-y things to him like, “buddy, you’re starting way too fast, you’ll want some in the tank for kilometers 9 and 10″ but then I thought “hey, this is his first 10k race. Let him learn these things for himself.” Plus, I was too lazy so I just let him go. I caught up a minute or so later and that’s, I think, when he realized he started too quickly. Or, when he decided it would be much more pleasant to stick it out in the “expensive seats” for the rest of the race. One of the two, or maybe both. If there had been wind (no double entendre intended), I would have had to charge him a drafting fee as well as the viewing fee. (He did well, did he not?! Congrats to my Crunchy husband, Crunchy boy, Crunchy tractorboy, whatever you’d like to be called!)

Race stats (based on watch times):

Time: 53:57
Pace: 8:41 min/mile

Crunchy boy
Time: 54:16
Pace: 8:44 min/mile