The scoop

100_2749_editI am a California girl living in Kent County, England. I started this blog in 2007 to track my training for the Bournemouth half marathon. It was a goal to encourage me to run and write again in attempts to focus negative energy into getting my life in a not-quite so new country on track in a positive way. It has since strayed more than once from the running theme. I use it to keep the folks in California updated on the goings-on over here. I became a mom in April 2010, so now it’s kind of a running, expat, mom blog. I also like music, and I like to talk about it. If you stay a while, you will get that.

A weird thing happened when I was pregnant. I couldn’t eat a green banana. A banana had to be ripe, ripe, ripe. My identity went into a tailspin. But now, I am back to liking them crunchy.  But, I can eat them ripe too. And we have a lot of ripe ones around the house now. Or not, as the case may be because the little noodle can go through them pretty quickly.

As well as unripened bananas, running and my little boy, I am inclined toward good and rockin’ music, unusual or thought-provoking photography, proper use of the apostrophe, dark chocolate, moose (inside and outside the kitchen), dance, Get Fuzzy, carnivorous plants, crazy socks (especially crazy socks featuring hula monkeys), science, going outside to play, and pretty much anything that makes me smile, laugh or think.

And I like to be warm. So don’t be surprised if I mention it. More than once. Just to be clear. I like to be warm.