Sunny Running Through the Heat Wave

It was a busy week. Between two jobs/volunteering and the strange (but not uncommon) jolt of jet lag just when I thought it had passed, my mornings were completely filled. My afternoons and evenings were spent one on one with the Noodle while Crunchy husband was at a conference in Amsterdam for a good portion of the week.

But, I ran. I would have never run if I hadn’t been training for this race. I know I wouldn’t have, with everything else going on. So this week’s run tally is proof to me I’m doing okay, and accomplishing what I mean to get done.

Today’s run was great. I left the kiddo with his daddy and grandad and went out with music and without the stroller. Even though it was the longest run in a while, and the hottest (HEAT WAVE! 28°C today), I felt good to be out running in the sunshine. When the end came, I wasn’t dying, and I felt like I could have done more if I had wanted. So that is good. But, after a morning on the beach building sand castles and my afternoon run, I am looking forward to having my dinner cooked for me at the pub tonight.

Thanks and deepest appreciation go to those who have sponsored me so far for a total of £85. This week I am hoping to focus on some more personal fundraising pleas, starting with my mother, who never seems to be home anymore when we call.

This week’s runs:
(Last) Sat – 40:22
Mon – 35:52
Tue – 31:21
Thur – 26:51
Sat – 50:27

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