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Race Weekend

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Portsmouth, here we come!

One Week to Go Until the Bupa Great South Run

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I’ve missed a couple planned blog posts over the past few weeks, this I know. However, I haven’t missed a planned run. (I’ve re-negotiated this week’s plan, but the week’s not over yet and shall be filling in the blank spot tomorrow.)

Over the past few weeks, I’ve had some good runs alone, some good runs with my boy, and we’ve had a couple nice family runs together – or partially together, as Crunchy husband wasn’t quite ready for Minnis Bay to Reculver Towers and back.  I was stung by a wasp at the end of one run in Sandwich last week, but luckily couldn’t dwell on it too much because the run segued into a walk / park play date, so I just sucked it up and moved on with the day. Until my friend mentioned she had Sudocrem. It’s amazing the uses of diaper cream, that you never know until you have kids. (It helped take the edge off for sure, but I swear the area still itches occasionally!)

I’m feeling in a good place on my training. In an ideal world, I would have liked my long runs at the weekend to be longer this close to the race, but realistically, I am exactly on target from where I started from 7 weeks ago when I began training for the Great South Run. I ran 7.5-7.75 miles last weekend in 1:18.30 (which includes time I took for a pit stop and a slight wardrobe malfunction) and still felt like I had lots in the tank when I arrived back at Minnis Bay to hug and stretch with my little boy.  I feel confident that I am fit enough to go out there in 9 days and have a great time, if not race a fast time, and really enjoy myself.

Thanks to some very amazing and kind donations,  I’ve raised £205 for the NCT. That amounts to enough money to provide five new parents under stress with six weeks of support from a trained NCT postnatal leader. Or, eight hours of NCT practitioner support for new parents in need. But, I would love to raise more. As a team, we’ve raised over £1,600, but we’d like to reach £2,500, as this would be enough money to fund a two hour Bumps and Babies group for 1000 new moms.

If you were waiting to see how hard I would be working for your money, here’s what I have accomplished in the last three weeks:

Week 5
Mon – 30:17
Tue – 20:07
Fri – 45:37
Sun – 60:16

Week 6
Tue – 30:15
Thur – 50:19
Fri – 30:22
Sun – 78:30

Week 7
Wed – 40:28
Thur – 30:04


Which is mountains more running than I was doing 7 weeks ago, so I am pleased. I know times are tight, but even a donation of £5 can make a difference by paying for a trained practitioner to be on the helpline to accept one call from a parent in need of emotional or practical support during pregnancy, through birth and into life as a parent. Every pound counts, and is greatly appreciated!


Sunny Running Through the Heat Wave

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It was a busy week. Between two jobs/volunteering and the strange (but not uncommon) jolt of jet lag just when I thought it had passed, my mornings were completely filled. My afternoons and evenings were spent one on one with the Noodle while Crunchy husband was at a conference in Amsterdam for a good portion of the week.

But, I ran. I would have never run if I hadn’t been training for this race. I know I wouldn’t have, with everything else going on. So this week’s run tally is proof to me I’m doing okay, and accomplishing what I mean to get done.

Today’s run was great. I left the kiddo with his daddy and grandad and went out with music and without the stroller. Even though it was the longest run in a while, and the hottest (HEAT WAVE! 28°C today), I felt good to be out running in the sunshine. When the end came, I wasn’t dying, and I felt like I could have done more if I had wanted. So that is good. But, after a morning on the beach building sand castles and my afternoon run, I am looking forward to having my dinner cooked for me at the pub tonight.

Thanks and deepest appreciation go to those who have sponsored me so far for a total of £85. This week I am hoping to focus on some more personal fundraising pleas, starting with my mother, who never seems to be home anymore when we call.

This week’s runs:
(Last) Sat – 40:22
Mon – 35:52
Tue – 31:21
Thur – 26:51
Sat – 50:27