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Soggy Run

Tuesday, 23rd August 2011. Filed in Running1 Comment »

It was a soggy toes run. It was a soggy underwear run. It was a water dripping into your ears run. It was a strip down to your skivvies in the doorway as soon as you get home run.

It was a good run.

As normal for August in England, the sky opened up and sprayed Thanet with warm rain today. I had hoped it might wait until I finished my run, but it only gave me a halfway start. I dropped the Noodle off at nursery and then headed to the coast for a nice, quiet run along the seaside. I toyed with the idea of waiting out the weather a bit, but it didn’t really suit my plans for the morning, so I decided to accept the consequences: soggy toes, soggy underwear, water in my ears.

The first half of the run was a-ok. A breeze, no precipitation. It’s always the tail wind that gets me. I turned around where the promenade cut out and bam! Hello wind, and hello rain.  That’s where the rain cloud from the east caught up with me, too, right at my turnaround. It showered me with warm, sea and sweat salty rain all the way back to the car.

It was a really nice run. It made me smile and feel good. It gave me the energy to come home and battle it out with some “not an option today” chores. I have been running a tiny bit more than I have been blogging this past month, but I need to pick it up. We also got the Noodle out on the bike on Sunday, so my options are opening up.

Run – 18.38
Run – 25.19
Run – 30.48
Run – 25.09
Run – 30.08
Walk – 5 miles
Ride – 1 hour
Run – 30.47