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Taking Some Me Music Time

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It is a very music-oriented day today. We’ve got bits and pieces of Glastonbury on the BBC firing up. (I’m looking forward to tucking the Noodle in a bit early and sitting my booty down in front of the tv tonight for some festival action. We’ll see what happens with that plan! [It’s currently 20 minutes into that plan. Noodle’s in bed fine, but Andy Murray’s on Wimbledon and that’s what my father in law, who’s been staying with us this week, is watching. Thank goodness for the iPlayer and videos on the web. I’ve got B.B. King through my headphones right now. ])

We didn’t get to any music festivals last year, due to obvious higher priorities, and I have missed it. Crunchy husband and I were lucky enough to catch Peter Gabriel in March in London.  We had our babysitters flown in from San Francisco so we could go. No, not really, but well, kind of.  It was just really good timing for my family to arrive. We picked them up from Heathrow, settled us all into a hotel, went out to dinner and then left the Noodle sitting with/near them on the Tube and hopped off. I have to say that was really strange, watching the train disappear with my baby sitting in his stroller amidst a rush hour-packed commuter train. The Noodle looked happy enough, but I looked at Crunchy husband standing next to me on the platform and said, “oh my god, we are horrible parents.” Needless to say, the Noodle had a super time with his Granny, Poppa, auntie, uncle and cousin that evening. And we had a great time at the show. I guess that’s kind of what happens when you have family around!

Beside Glastonbury coverage, I got three new cds through the door yesterday thanks to an Amazon gift certificate given to me for my birthday: the new Bon Iver, Dengue Fever and Paul Simon albums. I listened to the Bon Iver last week on NPR, and I liked it, except for the odd last song, which made me feel like I was watching a Hallmark daytime tv movie in the 80s. I wonder if it will grow on me? Not sure. I am looking forward to tucking in to the others. It’s just getting the chance. The Noodle’s been monopolizing the stereo with his nursery rhymes and Aloe Blacc lately. (“I Need A Dollar” is his favorite song at the moment. I think he likes the deliberate striking of the piano keys. I once caught him getting down to the beginning of Dolly Parton’s “9 to 5″ with the same sort of piano action.)

I am also simultaneously working on a couple mix cds for some people that deserve ‘em – and a new one that popped on the radar after a chat with one of my good friends from California who admitted to me that she had no Peter Gabriel, but she thought the show in Berkeley was amazing. I’ve never had this process take so long, but like everything with being a mom, I’m getting used to it!

Tuesday: Run – 30.28
Friday: Run – 30.11

Is Pirate “Argh!” Universal?

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It’s Friday. I will not let this day go by without a post. Even if this is it. I feel like I have to do it, for myself, even if it’s nothing. Even if I have to do it with one hand. Hey kid, I guarantee you, you’ll have more fun if you go play with your toys. Or go rip up important papers somewhere else. Whatever. Why do you have to sit here on Mommy’s lap at this exact moment? Up down, up down. Yeah, there you go. Go use the vacuum cleaner as a walker. Push-a-push-a. That’s responsible parenting for you, eh? Hmmm…well, it’s not plugged in or turned on.

And, he’s back. Hello, Noodle. I love you.

My morning didn’t go exactly to plan. I was nearly out the door when I received a message that had to be replied to with a phone call, and it had to be right then. Had to. Otherwise, I would have bursted. I would have run down the street, shouting to strangers like a mad woman. So, I was 45 minutes late out the door. But, I got my run in. But, it also meant if I was going to also get some gardening done before the rain, I had to do it in my writing time spot. I was nearly as dry for ideas then as I am now, so hey, it felt like a good compromise. By the time the gardening was done and I was clean, it was time to go pick up the Noodle.

The news of the week, from this side of the pond, is we have received the Noodle’s crash helmet. And I can’t get it off the kid’s head. He’s diggin’ hats right now (or anything he can put on his head, including my bras, the crazy kid!), so really I think it’s excellent timing to start this whole bike helmet thing. And now thanks to the folks at Wiggle that ship so quickly, we have his first helmet – the pirate one by MET, argh! (Or, I should say the “pirata” one, as it’s printed in Italian. Do Italian pirates say “argh!”? We must find out.) Now, we’ve just got to get the bike seat installed on my mountain bike and we’re there! Ahoy matey, I can’t wait!

Tuesday: Run – 30.23
Friday: Run – 30.14

Not Quite Road-Safe Yet: Hold Ye Still Thar, Pirata!


Making Progress

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It was a soggy run today. Spring has arrived in England. I can’t really complain because, unlike California lately, this is normal. Erring on the side of caution, I am considering summer to have been had. Any summer-like weather that comes our way will be a happy bonus.

It was a run down the hill today, now that Crunchy husband’s on summer hours, he took the Noodle to nursery and the car to work, so we can go out easier when he gets home after noon. Right now, I stretch better at home. Even with having to maneuver around toys that honk at me and board books that chatter at me, I have fewer inhibitions about waving my butt in the air like I just don’t care. Because really, when I am out on the prom in Margate, I do. I care a lot. But, it is a bit unfortunate for my calves, hips and hammies.

I have been feeling a lot fitter already with just the minimal running I have been doing. Part of it is mental, as I always feel good when I feel like I am accomplishing something. But, most of it is definitely physical. I feel better on my runs, but I also just feel fitter in general, like when I am pushing one toddler in a stroller with my Noodle strapped to me in a sling, and I can make it down into the village and back up again without feeling like I need to seriously catch my breath and then sleep for the rest of the day. (I have been providing some emergency child care for my friend’s son, and I hate not being able to get out of the house, so off we go.)

I have been tired this week (I feel asleep before dessert, people!), but I atrribute that mostly to the fact that the Noodle’s internal clock is set to British sun rise, despite our attempts at black out blinds, and I have yet to convince him that this house does not get up at 4.30am. (3.45am last night, but I don’t think he was really ‘ready’ to get up either!) We have a nice chill weekend ahead, so hopefully we’ll be able to catch up on some rest and relaxation.

Tuesday: Run – 25.04
Friday: Run – 25.11

Good Week

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It’s been a good week. I’ve run twice, both times at the beach, which was a nice change from the village. The seaweed isn’t too smelly at the moment, but the wind was whipping up the sand this morning. There were 3 children rockpooling at 9am this morning, which was nice to see. The beach was pretty chill, waking up for a nice warm day ahead, I hope – it’s half term and the kids have actually got some nice weather for it.

I feel better this week, than I did last week. I am trying to drink more water, and I have got my hayfever sorted a bit better than last week with some different medicine. The sun has been shining, and the noodle has napped in his cot for 2 hours in the mornings, so I have a near-clean house (we’re talking sparkling clean windows, folks!) and lots of clean laundry. I have started taking 15 minutes a day when I can to do my relaxation visualizations again.

It has been a good week.

Tuesday: Run – 25.41
Friday: Run – 25.42