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It’s all I want

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‘Cause I’m aching, I know you are too
For the touch of your warm skin as I breathe you in
I can feel your heart beat, through my shirt
This was all I wanted, all I want
It’s all I want

I’m not a huge fan of Snow Patrol, but I heard “Just Say Yes”, really heard it, about 36 weeks into my pregnancy, and all I could do was dream and get excited about my baby. It was a healthy, yet long pregnancy for me (more to follow on that once I finally get my birth story written), but I finally felt at home in it, right at the end.  It was at about this time I was reading and listening to, drinking up, anything that made me feel confident and empowered approaching the coming birth, to help me tackle the fear and anxiety of the unknown. Every time I heard this song afterward, I just wanted to touch him, to squeeze him, to love him through my belly, I couldn’t stop anticipating the day I’d be able to adore him in life.