Once again, it’s time to bust out the bird book


The only good thing about being in England during the cold fall and winter months is the birdlife here around the Thanet Coast. Well, okay I am sure there are other merits as well that I don’t properly appreciate, like dark mornings and gray, dreary afternoons, but the abundant waders are what we turn our attention to the most when this time of the year rolls around.

On Saturday, we set out across the fields and marshes to get to the River Stour in a completely new way. We ended up tromping through ditches and walking the perimeter of fields with no evident exits and well, never quite made it to the river. But hey, it was an adventure in our own backyard and exercise. However, contrary to what you might expect from the introduction to this post, we saw no birds. Psyche.

However, yesterday we hiked up the beach at Sandwich Bay, and boy, did we see birds! I got excited by my one spot of a curlew on the way up to the estuary, but I wasn’t really prepared for the magnitude of birds we would see around the bend. Ladies and gentlemen, the birds are back in town!

We saw curlew, grey herons, various plovers and oystercatchers in the hundreds. I even got some shots, though not very many good ones, with our new telephoto lens.

I believe it is time to investigate the new hide over at Pegwell Bay. Bring on winter, I’m armed and ready!

Miles traveled for October’s 30-mile Challenge: 18 miles down, 12 to go

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  1. Crunchyhusband says:

    Look like curlews to me too….unless they are seagulls with drinking straws : )

  2. Eugene says:

    Now everyone is talking about the American economy and eclections, nice to read something different. Eugene

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