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Monday Mixtape- Bringin’ Back the Lilith and More

Monday, 26th November 2007. Filed in Monday mixtape4 Comments »

On our way back to San Jose from Monterey a few weeks ago (yes, I know the race report is still outstanding), the front seat, or more specifically, the driver requested my iPod. Now, I love, love, love having 30 GBs of storage. But, it makes it difficult to just press play, turn on shuffle and go. Not for me, necessarily (though I have to admit sometimes it’s hard to go from Vivaldi to Color Me Badd to Depeche Mode to George Winston to Jack Johnson to Usher to Buena Vista Social Club and back again). But, not everyone appreciates the range of music I have on this thing.

So, before handing it up, I slipped it onto my training mix, which I thought offered a better concentration of what the front seat might be looking for. Silly me.

“Don’t you like any women musicians?”

Um, yeah! And yet, no front women were popping up. iPod, why do you fail me now? (Note to self: training mix is in great need of an update.) Maddie stepped up at one point, but I got the impression she wasn’t really what they were looking for.

Slightly related to this incident, this weekend, while up at 2 am– too awake to sleep, not coherent enough to do anything useful– and scanning my music bookmarks websites, I caught this little tidbit on Tony Levin’s list of recent played on credits: “Paula Cole: Courage”.

Paula Cole, what?

Yippee! Paula Cole’s got a new album. I do like me some Paula Cole. How did I not know this? It might even be close enough to Christmas to put it on my list and wait. Maybe. I’m not sure. We’ll have to see if I can put up with just listening on MySpace until then.

Did I just say that?

Wow, in one post I’ve managed to divulge I have Color Me Badd on my iPod and a MySpace page. (No, Tom is NOT my friend.) World, I have nothing left to hide! In a quick attempt to salvage any faith you might have in my style and good taste, might I say that on the aforementioned MySpace page, I’ve posted a strange and quirky video to Andrew Bird’s “Imitosis”. (Hint to lurking Santas: another album on the Christmas list.) Not only does the song make me dance (another point the front seat would differ on), but someone in the video’s got stripey socks. Kind of makes me wish I hadn’t given up the violin in my pre-teen years. Except well, I wasn’t good.

But, back to the women!

1. Hooray for Love- Ella Fitzgerald
2. Peace Tonight- Indigo Girls
3. Hard to Make a Stand- Sheryl Crow
4. I Feel it All- Feist
5. Taxi Ride- Tori Amos
6. Kissing the Day- Mandalay
7. In Our Lifetime- Texas
8. Music (Groove Armada 12″ Mix)- Madonna
9. Dirty Little Secret (Thievery Corporation Mix)- Sarah McLachlan
10. Here with Me (Chillin’ with the Family Mix)- Dido
11. My Head is Only House Unless It Rains- Everything But The Girl
12. I Am So Ordinary- Paula Cole
13. Devotion- Tracy Chapman
14. The Song of Solomon- Kate Bush
15. The Magdalene Laundries- The Chieftains with Joni Mitchell
16. At This Point in My Life- Tracy Chapman
17. All That We Let In- Indigo Girls
18. True Colors- Eva Cassidy
19. Perfect Girl (Live)- Sarah McLachlan
20. Me- Paula Cole

What time is it? Where am I?

Thursday, 22nd November 2007. Filed in Photography, Random foliage1 Comment »

I am in a haze. A self-induced haze of jet-lag. I have a million words in my head that want to be said, but well, if I try they come out like this:

jellyfish family blog baby swim run sleep love home hope turkey. NEMO!

Somehow, my stream of consciousness doesn’t quite rival Toni Morrison’s in depth, significance and hidden meaning. Darm. I left that typo in because it makes me laguh. And that one too. Wow, I’m so good at letting things go when I’m loopy.

Happy Thanksgiving. (I finally remembered it is Thanksgiving.) I’m thankful for every beautiful thing in that list and more. Except, I think some jellyfish totally messed up a salmon stock in Northern Ireland. It’d help if I bothered to read the article…Focus, focus.

Happy Thanksgiving. Here’s a pretty jellyfish. They are in a tank in Monterey, so I know they didn’t have anything to do with the salmon here.


In lieu of an actual race report (for now)

Sunday, 11th November 2007. Filed in Race reports2 Comments »

“You just ran 13.1 miles in two hours, five minutes and nine seconds. What are you going to do?”

“I’m going to Disneyland!”

Race stats:

Distance: 13.1 miles
Time: 2:05.09 (chip); 2:08.33 (gun)
Pace: 9:33 min/mile

World Run Day- Sunday, November 11th

Saturday, 10th November 2007. Filed in Running1 Comment »

Conveniently, the Big Sur half marathon in Monterey falls on World Run Day this year. World Run Day is a day to run any distance you desire and donate to your favorite charity or organization. Sounds good.

You can register for the “event” online. But, I didn’t. Enough of my money went to the Big Sur registration, and I rather what was “left” go to my charity/organization of choice. So, I suppose I’m not official. But, I embraced the spirit and gave the good folks at the Thanet Coast Project some much appreciated cash, so I think that’s better. If you are thinking, “hey that’s cool. I should do that tomorrow!”, but you are having a tough time deciding who you’d like to make a donation to, click here. Decision made. I am glad to be so helpful! (Shameless, I know!)

Time to have fun!

Saturday, 10th November 2007. Filed in Running1 Comment »

Okay, all trolls aside, it’s time for the Big Sur Half Marathon on Monterey. And I am so stoked! So stoked I spit all over one of my best friends when I was asking her partner how psyched SHE was about it. I’m so glad we’re so close. Or maybe I just have no shame about my social skills. Sometimes, I get very excited!

As my part of the bargain with the troll, I’ve had to re-adjust my expectations for tomorrow. Before my heel started acting up, I really wanted to break 2 hours, or at least 2:00.27 because that’s my best half marathon. But, because my training hasn’t been what I wanted it to be this last month, I’ve had to come to terms that this won’t happen. And I am okay about it. I’m just excited to run and have fun with nice people in a beautiful environment.

My bag is packed, the cooler’s stocked with breakfast goodness for the morning, and I am ALL FIRED UP!


Trolls can’t clear immigration

Monday, 5th November 2007. Filed in Running2 Comments »

During my run on Thursday, I had a serious discussion with the troll. I laid it all out on the table. Long flights, bright sunshine, pancakes, Cheesecake Factory, friendly faces– none of these would be “his bag”. He sniveled a bit. I assured him he’d be much happier in the winter (ish- what IS going on with the weather?) climes of England. He could keep Crunchy husband company in his deep misery of missing me and have a jolly ol’ time. Plus, I mentioned the practicalities of the matter: he didn’t have his passport ready and it would take way too long to get one processed.

So far, it appears (knock on wood) he did not smuggle himself in my suitcase. I went for a beautiful run through sunny and warm Willow Glen this morning and didn’t feel any pain. I’m sitting here poking the injured area, and that doesn’t feel too hot, so I’ll stop. But, it’s looking good for next Sunday. Yippee!