I love yoga relaxation time

As I lay on the mat, snuggling into the warmth of my sweatshirt and my cozy polar fleece socks, I close my eyes and begin to lose the room around me. I stretch my spine long, roll my shoulders down and feel the core of my body begin to sink into the floor. Soon it is just me and my breath, constructing an image of a favorite place, piece by piece, pixel by pixel, until I can see where I want to be.

The space in my head feels wide, the vast expanse of ocean all around me. There is no breeze, but the air is fresh and nourishing. It continues to flow deeply through my lungs and into my calves, my toes, my wrists, my hair, my heart. With each exhalation, comes release. My body sinks further into the safety of peaceful surrender.

I step inside. I begin to dance over the gentle waves. Slow, graceful leaps, brushes suspended in air. My arms wrap around my body and then slowly unfurl, extending over my head, stretching wide. The sunlight is warm and welcoming. Golden threads glimmer around my fluid body as I slowly lift my chin to the sky.

I feel free.

3 responses to “I love yoga relaxation time”

  1. Amanda says:

    I used to think Yoga was awful, I mean it’s nothing like running. Then I made myself start trying new things and I found out that I love the calm and the peace that yoga can bring. What a great reminder of that feeling.

  2. kara says:

    Nice and relaxing…
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. jeanne says:

    I love yoga, and you’ve described my favorite pose of all. Nice!

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