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Learning peace

Monday, 6th August 2007. Filed in Running4 Comments »

The August 2007 edition of Runner’s World lists 101 reasons to run, a collection of motivations to keep you going when you’d really rather sit at home and watch tv. Or blog, as the case may be. My favorites are number 1, “start a blog” (for accountability reasons as well as a place to log the thoughts and internal discoveries you wish to share with the rest of the blogosphere); number 58, “run for a reason” (there’s a huge feeling of satisfaction when you know you are pushing yourself to the limits for a worthy cause); and number 69, “If you don’t run road races, where will you get all your T-shirts?” (so true! I still wear my Bridge to Bridge t-shirt from 1999. It’s a bit holey but I’m not out for glamor).

However, interestingly, my personal top motivation was not listed, even though I know it is a powerful motivator for many runners. Simply put, I run because I know it makes me feel good. Not on a superficial, get-rich-quick kind of level. I am not sure I experience the “runner’s high” and I’ve had plenty of runs that made my toes, heels and knees ache and cry foul for days afterwards. I’ve spent many a-day on the paths with only five words rattling around in my brain: “why am I doing this?”. But over the past 6 months I’ve tried to stay more focused on what I am feeling. I’ve learned, in the grand scheme of things, that if I remain active over the long haul I feel happier and more content in all aspects of my life. (And I enjoy my runs more!)

I’ve struggled over the past few years to find contentment in my life. It’s no exaggeration to say I’ve had issues. Some real, some imagined, some fairly public, others extremely private. But, all similar in that they stomp uninvited into my mind, set up camp and cloud my ability to keep a balanced and reasonable perspective. But 2007 has been good, better. Not perfect, but definitely healthy. I think in many ways it’s been about learning to respect myself. Learning to push myself, but also to listen to what my body is telling me. And to cut me some slack sometimes. I’ve got a long way to go, but I’m feeling positive. It’s a refreshing feeling!

From white to deep-fried in 0-60

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The house is a mess. We have no food. I have stacks of newspapers, magazines and books to read. And something somewhere smells. But, as we’ve learned this summer, if the weather’s nice, you go out and enjoy it because it’s bound not to last. Today is cloudy and gray, but yesterday we had this:

The sprinkling of colors over the sand in Broadstairs made me glow. This beach is a lonely ghost town in the winter. Though something in the glory of the summer sunshine made me cringe. I think it was all the pale people laying themselves out for the deep fry. We saw so many people red and crispy, blistering at the edges, and still going out for more. Maybe it’s a British thing? Crunchy husband still isn’t quite broken of the “you have to get burned on holiday so when you go back to work people know you’ve been somewhere” mentality. AY!

I caught so many people staring at my man tonight!

Friday, 3rd August 2007. Filed in Eco-running, Photography2 Comments »

SeaART 2007, an art exhibition put on by the Thanet Coast Project to celebrate the nature of the local coastal area, opens tomorrow. We went down to Margate tonight for the private viewing. I’m really excited to say my eco-running piece (featuring Crunchy husband’s backside) is displayed in the Community Pharmacy Gallery. The rest of my submissions, I hear, are hanging in the Old Lifeboatman’s Look-Out in Broadstairs harbour. We’re going to check that venue out on Sunday.

If you happen to be in the Thanet area, please stop in. There’s some good stuff, and we only saw tonight what is in two of the four venues.