Time to Move On

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I think the time has come to pull the plug on this blog. My web hosting is up for renewal in a couple weeks, and I can’t justify paying for another year when I don’t have the energy to write when I actually get a chance to write. It doesn’t mean I don’t want to write, sometimes I long to write, but it is usually when I cannot write. And then once the kiddos are in bed, I am usually too tired.

It feels like a good time. This blog represents a large chunk of my life, and an even larger percent of my life in England. But exciting times are ahead, the time has come – we are heading home. I know I am going to want to write about my adventures in re-patriation, just as I enjoyed writing about my life in England. So perhaps, I will start a new project. If I am going to write, it feels like it is best as a new project, a new chapter. But, it will have to wait until the movers are sorted, our house is packed up and we begin again.

September 2014 Emotional Milestone No. 1

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Tomorrow is Baby-Baby’s first day at nursery. We’re sitting here watching England play Switzerland, and the tears have come. I’m hoping it might mean I’ll keep it together tomorrow. I’ve started him a week before I actually go back, so at least I won’t be struggling to remember passwords and my ‘groove’ while being completely preoccupied. And I’ll have my big boy with me before he starts primary school on Wednesday, so I’m hoping it will be a nice day.

It’s not that I am worried about sending Baby-Baby to nursery so much that I am worried about detaching him from my, um, hip. We love our nursery and he did fine during his settling sessions, but they ended before hunger, and the need for comfort, reminded him I was no longer present. Our breastfeeding is baby-led, and he is a master. He likes his milk. I hope he likes his milk bottled tomorrow.

On the flip side, I’m hoping nursery two days a week will start to help him be a bit more independent of me. I saw my yoga instructor at the grocery store the other day, and it reminded me just how long and intense this time has been, and how nice a bit of ‘me’ time might be. (You know, the ‘me’ time where you put on a bit of make up, or at least brush your hair, and go to work all day.)

It is a funny emotional space. On one hand, I know this is a good step, for both of us, and it’s not super early – Baby-Baby’s 9 months old. But, he is my baby. It is the end of the first chapter, the last time, never to be repeated. Though I know there are a ba-zillion more chapters to come, with both of my children, I can’t help feeling slightly unready for this moment, and already a bit nostalgic for his baby days.

I hope he has fun, sweet baby.

Crazy Month, Begin

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September is quickly becoming my month of crazy. Last year, I was busy trying to cram four and a half days of work into three days of child care per week. While keeping up with my three year-old and growing a baby, which for me, is an exhausting task in itself from conception through ’til – how old are my children now?

This year, September is already colour-coded on my calendar, with reminder alerts programmed in for each activity, in case I forget the Rainbow class mascot building session at Build-a-Bear or you know, that I told my boss I’d return to work from maternity leave on that day. (It could so happen.)

When I first planned to end my maternity leave in September, it seemed good timing. Nine months was a good length for leave the first time round, going back part-time. The Noodle would be starting primary school, Baby-Baby would start nursery two days a week, we’d all go back together.

The staggered entry system for primary school threw a wrench into those works. The first day of term there’s just a half-hour informal meeting. Then the next week he goes Wednesday through Friday, but only in the afternoon. Then the next week he goes all days, but only in the mornings. It’s not until 22 September that he starts his normal routine. Hello, Google calendar reminder alerts. Just tell me where I need to be, with which child, 1 hour before start. That should get us there.

Baby-Baby’s schedule is less complicated logistically, with the exception of the milk situation. We are still breastfeeding and plan to continue at least until his first birthday. The tricky part is foreseeing how much milk I need to express to send with him to nursery and how to efficiently program pumping sessions into my work day, since I work two separate one-day a week jobs with not a lot of time to spare in my 7.5 hours. The whole operation will require lots of planning and organisation, with the ability to then take a deep breath and roll with it, however it goes. Kind of, I suppose, like everything else in parenting!

On top of the logistics, I didn’t give fair consideration to the emotional side of all of this happening at once. But then, I never knew just how overwhelming this year would be, even before we ever got to September.

Reminder alerts in place, I’m putting this in writing this morning so that I can take a deep breath, relax and enjoy the day. September 1st, take your best shot, I’m taking my boys to the zoo.

Time for “Big Boy” School

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Tomorrow is my Noodle’s last day at nursery/ preschool. Children start primary school at age 4 in England, so in a week or so, he’ll be off to primary school. It’s the time of year that Facebook is full of parents marking how fast time flies and how grown their children seem to be. (School uniforms put years on your child the first time they are tried on!)

But, something else made me stop and catch my breath today. I heard movement in the kitchen, and found my son putting away canned goods into the pantry shelves that I had unloaded onto the table until I could find a place for them. I watched him patiently and methodically work between the table and the shelves. When there wasn’t any more space, he stopped and moved things around to make it fit.

It was such a simple moment, but what got me was the consideration and maturity it displayed. I hadn’t asked him to help, I had actually forgotten about the cans on the table. He just saw it as something he could do. My husband said later, “he told me he was going to go downstairs to get things organised for dinner.”

I think he’s ready for “Big Boy” School. My love.

Back on the blog

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It’s been a while since I’ve blogged. It’s been almost as long since I laced up my running shoes. I think of both fondly, and hope that one day soon I might be able to re-integrate them into my life.

A lot has changed in two years. We are now a family of four, and don’t we know it. Baby-baby is gorgeous and a love, but he’s, um, hard work, to put it lightly. So, I spend my days just trying to get through, make it happen. (Don’t ask me what “it” actually is because I don’t know.) Showers and even a clean kitchen have become bonuses.

However, both blogging and running once helped me get my life in England on track. Although sometimes it’s hard to remember who that person was 7 1/2 years ago, maybe this will be the first step to getting back to who I am today. Only time will tell.

My first real knitting project, and other stuff

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Let’s get a blog post on the map for April, so it doesn’t look like I went from February to May without blogging. (Even though we all know I have!)

In my defense, the extra hours that were supposed to be short-lived have been extended, my family was here for 5 weeks, we’ve had two birthdays to celebrate, and if you could see my house, you’d know the blog is not the only thing to have been denied a bit of TLC over the past few months.

But, I knit a hat! Oh yes, I did. I am very proud. I did it while my mom was here, so I could say, “help, please!” when I accidentally pulled the needles out or somehow ended up with 35 stitches in a row that started out with 30. I think I have learned how to fix my own (basic) mistakes enough to attempt another project now that she’s gone, but we’ll see about that.

I also knit a scarf for the Noodle that he will never wear. It’s super short precisely for that reason, and I knew I wanted to have sewn up the hat before my mom left. (The scarf  was first, and unlike my mother, I prefer to only work one project at a time.)

So, blogging 0, knit in the sunshine with my mom while the Noodle dug around in the dirt 2. That seems like a reasonable score. Especially since my mom was knitting boobs to help teach parents-to-be how to breastfeed. (My mom rocks. I came home from work with a project and she jumped right in!)

I also ran a couple times, which is better that no times, right? And today, I went for my first club run, so I am hopefully going to get more motivated to work toward some of my running goals. It was a good session (let’s not mention the head wind on the way back to the car after it was all wrapped up), but oh, do I have a ways to go.  But, I hope this will also get my blogging on the upward trend again, too. I do miss it.

Catch you again next month, I promise!

Curious George modeling the hat. I hope his head is the same size as a baby’s…

The (Minorly) Delayed Race Report

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You know when life just picks you up and sweeps you away and then you realize it’s been three and a half months since your race and you haven’t written your race report? Well, maybe you don’t know, but I know.

The Noodle is napping, the sick-at-home Crunchy husband is napping, and I (being pretty much recovered from being sick at home) was thinking “what should I do now?” And before I could glimpse my chore list to remind me what I should be doing, I thought, “maybe I should blog.”

So here I am. It seemed such a foreign thought, but then reminded me of good times, so here I am.

The Great South Run went great. Standing at the start line with thousands of runners, most of which are running passionately for their own causes, makes you feel human and alive. It is such a happy and rewarding place to be. As is making it to the finish line intact, which I did. I finished in 1:40.14, bang on 10 minute miles which I am really pleased with.  My Noodle wasn’t awake to see me at the finish, but he was cheering me on at the beginning and at about mile 6, so that helped to get me through!

I was very pleased to have raised £400, plus another £30 in Gift Aid for the NCT.  Everyone was very generous in sponsorship and well-wishes, and I can’t thank you enough.

As for the running and the blogging, I’ve got to find myself another race to train for, as I’ve allowed other things in life to invade this space. (However, most of those things involve paid hours at work, spending time with my boy and sleep so I don’t feel too bad about those choices. The paid hours are short-lived so I am hoping to return to the blog with some regularity by the beginning of April.)

Now, onto that chore list…

Race Weekend

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Portsmouth, here we come!

One Week to Go Until the Bupa Great South Run

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I’ve missed a couple planned blog posts over the past few weeks, this I know. However, I haven’t missed a planned run. (I’ve re-negotiated this week’s plan, but the week’s not over yet and shall be filling in the blank spot tomorrow.)

Over the past few weeks, I’ve had some good runs alone, some good runs with my boy, and we’ve had a couple nice family runs together – or partially together, as Crunchy husband wasn’t quite ready for Minnis Bay to Reculver Towers and back.  I was stung by a wasp at the end of one run in Sandwich last week, but luckily couldn’t dwell on it too much because the run segued into a walk / park play date, so I just sucked it up and moved on with the day. Until my friend mentioned she had Sudocrem. It’s amazing the uses of diaper cream, that you never know until you have kids. (It helped take the edge off for sure, but I swear the area still itches occasionally!)

I’m feeling in a good place on my training. In an ideal world, I would have liked my long runs at the weekend to be longer this close to the race, but realistically, I am exactly on target from where I started from 7 weeks ago when I began training for the Great South Run. I ran 7.5-7.75 miles last weekend in 1:18.30 (which includes time I took for a pit stop and a slight wardrobe malfunction) and still felt like I had lots in the tank when I arrived back at Minnis Bay to hug and stretch with my little boy.  I feel confident that I am fit enough to go out there in 9 days and have a great time, if not race a fast time, and really enjoy myself.

Thanks to some very amazing and kind donations,  I’ve raised £205 for the NCT. That amounts to enough money to provide five new parents under stress with six weeks of support from a trained NCT postnatal leader. Or, eight hours of NCT practitioner support for new parents in need. But, I would love to raise more. As a team, we’ve raised over £1,600, but we’d like to reach £2,500, as this would be enough money to fund a two hour Bumps and Babies group for 1000 new moms.

If you were waiting to see how hard I would be working for your money, here’s what I have accomplished in the last three weeks:

Week 5
Mon – 30:17
Tue – 20:07
Fri – 45:37
Sun – 60:16

Week 6
Tue – 30:15
Thur – 50:19
Fri – 30:22
Sun – 78:30

Week 7
Wed – 40:28
Thur – 30:04


Which is mountains more running than I was doing 7 weeks ago, so I am pleased. I know times are tight, but even a donation of £5 can make a difference by paying for a trained practitioner to be on the helpline to accept one call from a parent in need of emotional or practical support during pregnancy, through birth and into life as a parent. Every pound counts, and is greatly appreciated!


Sunny Running Through the Heat Wave

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It was a busy week. Between two jobs/volunteering and the strange (but not uncommon) jolt of jet lag just when I thought it had passed, my mornings were completely filled. My afternoons and evenings were spent one on one with the Noodle while Crunchy husband was at a conference in Amsterdam for a good portion of the week.

But, I ran. I would have never run if I hadn’t been training for this race. I know I wouldn’t have, with everything else going on. So this week’s run tally is proof to me I’m doing okay, and accomplishing what I mean to get done.

Today’s run was great. I left the kiddo with his daddy and grandad and went out with music and without the stroller. Even though it was the longest run in a while, and the hottest (HEAT WAVE! 28°C today), I felt good to be out running in the sunshine. When the end came, I wasn’t dying, and I felt like I could have done more if I had wanted. So that is good. But, after a morning on the beach building sand castles and my afternoon run, I am looking forward to having my dinner cooked for me at the pub tonight.

Thanks and deepest appreciation go to those who have sponsored me so far for a total of £85. This week I am hoping to focus on some more personal fundraising pleas, starting with my mother, who never seems to be home anymore when we call.

This week’s runs:
(Last) Sat – 40:22
Mon – 35:52
Tue – 31:21
Thur – 26:51
Sat – 50:27